The alloy, high in aluminium, (Patent 2161660 of RE) contains also chrome, cobalt and yttrium, being in the following percent ratio by mass:
chrome 20.0 -24.0
cobalt 10.0 - 13.0
yttrium 13.5 - 17.0
aluminium - the rest.

Protective heat-resistant coating of parts operating
for a long period of time in oxidizing medium
at a high temperature (to 1000o C).

Offered under license is a composition of the heat-resistant aluminium base allow to be applied by plasma spraying to heat-resistant nickel base alloy and a procedure of its application.

The alloy has been made by fusing pure components together in electric arc vacuum furnace by means of triple melting with subsequent homogenizing annealing. The parts are given a protective coating by plasma spraying of the above-mentioned alloy powder of 100 - 50 mkm in size. Then the coated parts are subjected to vacuum annealing to obtain a diffusion layer of the coating elements in the matrix of 15 -300 mkm. depth.

The offered composition of the alloy and a process of its application allow heat-resistance of the parts operating at high temperature for a long period of time to be increased by 2-2.5 times as compared with the parts of nickel alloys without coating. The pilot parts (gas turbine blades) have been tested at the gas compressor station and they worked property for over 20000 hours. 

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